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5 Reasons Why Car Dealerships Should Consider Automated Gates

An effective automated gate system is an essential feature for any commercial car dealership.

With a large stock of valuable automobiles on your premises, it is crucial to protect your property against crimes such as theft and vandalism, which have the potential to seriously affect your income.

Traditional swing gates are often left open when a customer drives through them, which could leave your premises at risk of unwanted intruders, and worse. But by switching to a commercial automated swing gate system, you can allow authorised visitors to come and go as they please, while keeping your perimeter secure.

In this blog, we will explore some advantages of automated gates for car dealerships, and outline how they can be paired with other security systems to ensure that your premises is properly protected against trespassers and criminals.

1. Guard Your Property

Automatic gates are usually made of hardwood or steel, and are typically tall, making it extremely difficult for an intruder to break through or scale the gate. Plus, as automatic gates use hydraulic motors or magnetic locks to lock the gates when they are closed, they are nearly impossible for an intruder to force open.

By pairing automatic gating with an access control system and CCTV cameras, you can control who enters your premises and capture the numberplate and identity of anyone who comes and goes.

This is especially valuable if a crime occurs on your property, as you will have evidence to share with the police and information for your own records so that you can bar the offender from your business.

The added security also helps to build people’s trust in your company. For instance, if you have customers driving onto your property in high-end vehicles, the automatic gating system will give them peace of mind in knowing that their car is secure on your site.

This helps your business to look more trustworthy and attract affluent customers who may have a passion for luxury vehicles.

2. Become More Efficient

By pairing your automatic gates with access controls or an intercom system, you can reduce the amount of time customers spend waiting for the entrance gates to open, making your business appear more professional and efficient.

Plus, by investing in automatic gating, you can assign your staff to work in other areas of your organisation where their time would be better spent.

The height of automatic gating also allows you to protect the privacy of clients who may wish to purchase a vehicle discreetly. With these automated gate systems, any high-net-worth individuals who enter your premises will be kept safer and more secure, making them more likely to become highly valuable repeat customers.

3. Enjoy Greater Convenience

Having an automatic gate system will make visiting your dealership a more convenient experience for your customer, and will reduce the amount of time you spend opening the gate for customers every day.

This will also help to further improve efficiency and boost productivity, as the less time your team spend opening and closing the gate for people, the more time they will have free to talk to potential customers – which should therefore lead to additional sales being generated.

Automated gates are also more convenient for staff members who come and go to the premises regularly, as they will not have to exit their vehicle, tend to the gate, drive through the open space, and then get out to close the gate again, every time they enter or leave your site!

4. Save Money

By installing automatic gating, you can save money on wages by reducing the amount of security personnel required on-site.

Plus, if you or your other staff members are currently needed to open or close the gate to visitors, having automated gates means you can allocate this time to more important tasks, potentially enabling you to boost the productivity of your business.

Security gating can also save you money by preventing break-ins, as reducing theft and instances of vandalism on your site means you can avoid having to pay for expensive repairs or replacement of crucial equipment.

Not only that, but some insurance providers offer reduced premiums for businesses that have automated gating systems in place!

5. Boost Your Branding

Automated gates are available in a wide variety of materials, designs, and colour schemes, meaning they can help you to promote your brand before your visitors even enter your property.

The large size of automatic gating also means you can draw attention to your business by coordinating the gates with the colours of your branding, thereby helping to catch the eye of passers-by and promote your business to them.

Plus, by adding custom lighting to your automated gate you can increase night-time visibility, which will help to further deter criminals from entering your property.

Want to use automated gates to keep your premises safe and well protected? Give our expert team a call!


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