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We've successfully completed projects in schools, hospitals, hotels, universities, banks, commercial premises, and more.


Fire Alarm

Learn about our fire alarm systems.


Learn about our fire doors.

Installing CCTV

Learn about our CCTV systems.

Digital Security System

Learn about our access controls.

Smart Alarm System

Learn about our intruder alarms.

Security Gate

Learn about our gates and fencing.

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KCS Projects are experienced and highly qualified Fire and Security experts.


We use our knowledge and extensive experience of working in the Fire and Security industries to inform the development of efficient, reliable, and long-lasting fire and security systems.


With our systems in place, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your building - and therefore your business - is protected from trespassers and other threats.


Our systems will keep your company secure for years to come, so you can have peace of mind and focus on your work.

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Fire Alarm Systems


We can advise you on the best fire alarm response for your building and your workforce. Our systems can be tailored to your emergency protocols, with a range of options available.


For example, each system could be made to either set off every alarm throughout the building, limit alarms to one ‘zone’, or conduct a staged response to evacuate your employees and customers in a safe and orderly manner.

CCTV Systems


If a crime were committed on your property, would you be able to identify the suspects?


CCTV not only helps to identify individuals who commit crimes and misdemeanours such as graffiti, substance abuse, violent crimes, and fraud, it also works as an effective criminal deterrent, since criminals are less likely to target businesses that they know are monitored.


Fire Doors


Effective fire doors are essential for a quick and efficient response, as they slow the spread of the fire throughout the building in order to be more manageable for fire services. Our bespoke Fire Safety Assessments can advise you regarding the best Fire Doors and alarm systems for your business.


Additionally, fire doors lose their effectiveness over time with wear and tear, meaning that they require checking every six months, and could need replacing if they are not fit for purpose.


Access Controls


Controlling who has access to your property - and when - is a crucial part of keeping your building safe and secure.


With our security systems, you can choose from a variety of access control setups, including stand-alone systems for single doors, to bespoke networked systems, which can control door locks throughout the building.


Your system can be set to lock and unlock according to a schedule, so there is no need to manually open and close them every day. Access Controls are a reliable, safe, and easy method of securing your property.

Intruder Alarms


When it comes to raising the alert, our intruder alarms are accurate, long-lasting, and intuitive to your needs as a user.


Whereas the batteries in a standard intruder alarm would require replacing after roughly 12 months, our wireless intruder alarms will run on the same set of batteries for up to two years.


Alternatively, our mains-powered intruder alarms come equipped with a continuous energy source so are less likely to cut out, thereby giving you greater peace of mind. And in the event of a power outage, these devices come with a set of batteries that will be used to power the security system until the main supply returns.


Gate Automation & Security Fencing


Automated gate systems are a simple but effective way of keeping unwanted visitors out of your business, or for keeping vulnerable individuals and animals safely inside.


Secure fencing and automated gates give you complete control over access to your property, and enable you to either employ a security team to check everyone’s ID before allowing entry to the site, or to give your employees individual swipe cards that will grant them access to the premises.


Our gate automation systems are highly versatile and customisable, and can be made to fit specific requirements including your company’s size, location, industry, expansion plans, and more.


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With over 20 years of experience in the Security and Fire Industries, we at KCS Projects use our extensive professional knowledge to identify the individual security needs of each property.


This means we can design bespoke alarm systems that are perfectly suited to the requirements of business owners and their properties.


KCS Projects has worked with businesses of all sizes, commercial and council properties, and major institutions such as schools, hospitals, and universities.


We are experienced in handling complex emergency evacuation protocols, such as vacating members of staff with mobility issues or extra communication requirements.


Additionally, we are well equipped to manage staged evacuations and identify the most efficient routes out of a building, meaning that we can move your team out of dangerous situations as quickly and safely as possible.


Also, our experts can identify the necessary improvements to your evacuation plans, so you can be assured that your methods are up-to-date, efficient, and practical.


Our expert knowledge informs our development of your alarm systems too, so you can rest assured that these will work efficiently with your emergency protocols, and complement the existing safety measures in place.


With every system we install, we include an industry-leading Advanced Fire Alarm Panel and Hockiki detectors to ensure that your property is as safe and secure and possible.


And what’s more, we offer many different alarm systems to fit almost any property layout – this means that no matter what your requirements are, we will have a plan to suit you!


KCS Projects is based in Milton Keynes and has worked with some of the premier professional organisations in the area, but we are happy to take on clients from across the United Kingdom.


If you have any questions regarding our services, please get in touch and our friendly team will be happy to help!


Across this website, we’ve outlined multiple case studies of our previous projects, so you can see what we’ve achieved when working on properties of all shapes and sizes.


We have worked with many businesses across the UK, schools, universities, hospitals, and even zoos!


So no matter the nature of your business, if you need to upgrade your safety and security systems, at KCS Projects we will have the perfect solution for you.

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