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KCS Projects provides a variety of fire safety and security solutions, benefitting from over 20 years of industry experience. Our fire doors and fire alarm systems are especially popular and form a vital aspect of safety at home, at work, and in education.

We can install many different types of fire door to suit a wide variety of structures, so if you have any questions about how to make your building fire-secure, please contact us, and our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly!

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Fire doors save lives. A fire door is a specialist, purpose-built door designed to withstand extreme heat for the longest duration possible. They allow buildings to effectively slow — and stop — the spread of fire so it can be extinguished in the shortest time frame.

Fire doors usually have an important dual function. When closed, the barrier they form helps to contain the fire and stop its spread. When open, they can provide a safe means of escape.

Fire doors have several vital safety features that must be regularly reviewed and tested to ensure that they remain in full working order. This is because the age and condition of the door severely affects its effectiveness in preventing the spread of fire.

Furthermore, those who own a non-domestic or commercial property are required to follow strict guidelines and regulations to ensure that their fire doors are fully fit for purpose.

But even businesses and individuals who are not required to do so often choose to have fire doors fitted as an essential safety feature.

Fire doors are incredibly effective at slowing or even stopping the spread of a blaze in a building. This is not only an essential part of damage control — minimizing the expense and harm inflicted on a property — it is also imperative in preventing loss of life.

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Effective fire doors preserve human life and the integrity of the building in which they are fitted. Ideally, the door and the frame should be constructed to the same standard and fitted as a set, so that they are fully compatible.

A door closer ensures that the fire door remains closed regardless of conscious effort, and intumescent strips and cold smoke seals resist the passage of smoke and fire through small cracks in the frame. Many deaths during fires are attributed to smoke inhalation rather than contact with flames, so this is an essential feature that must be professionally achieved. 


Having some smoke leakage is essential however, so fires can be adequately detected. The level of smoke leakage allowed should therefore be professionally determined and incorporated into the fire doors.


Any visual panels in the doors should be fitted with fully fire-resisting glazing, and door handles, locks, or panic exit devices should all be expertly fitted and tested as part of the set.


There are also some key features that you should be looking for visually when assessing whether a door is a fire door, and if it needs to be replaced.

Our Services


KCS Projects has extensive industry experience in both fire safety and security. We have provided fire safety solutions for a wide variety of clients and properties including public, private, commercial, and residential.


We offer a bespoke fire safety assessment to advise which fire alarm system, fire door, or other fire safety precautions would be the most appropriate for you and your business. Whether you are seeking to protect a small site or a large area, we have a solution to suit you.


We fully appreciate that the evacuation protocols and fire safety policies may vary depending on your business, environment, and personnel, along with your most efficient safety routes during an evacuation.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch and discuss your needs with one of our friendly advisors today!

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KCS Projects is proud to have provided a variety of fire safety services with specific fire door fittings to schools and other educational establishments.

All the existing doors and frames of a school can be fully replaced and refitted according to the school’s own Fire Strategy and safety protocols. As these procedures dictate how the building will be effectively evacuated during a fire, the fitting and replacement of fire doors must be done according to the requirements of each individual school.


The replacement and fitting of fire doors in main corridors is often especially important. It is also essential to fit high-risk areas such as electrical storage and gas cupboards with effective fire doors, in the event of an emergency.


Fire doors not only contain fires, but also protect vital escape routes - ensuring that both adults and children can evacuate swiftly and safely during an emergency.

As part of our comprehensive school safety service, we also replace any damaged or ineffective glazing around the doors or walls that are not fire rated. 


Fire ratings for materials essentially reflect how much resistance time they may provide during a fire. FD30 provides a 30-minute rating, for example, with FD60 providing a 60-minute rating, FD120 providing a 120-minute rating, and so on. 


If the existing setup is deemed to provide insufficient security, the materials used to construct the wall or the door may need to be upgraded so that it provides adequate protection from fire.


Our fire door fittings and upgrades have helped to ensure that a variety of schools are well protected in the event of a fire and fully able to evacuate safely — even when they contain large numbers of people and/or groups scattered across multiple buildings.


We can install many different types of fire door to suit a wide variety of structures, so if you have any questions about how to make your building fire-secure, please contact us, and our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly!

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