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Many businesses and individuals choose secure gate automation as the most effective solution for their onsite security needs. Gate automation not only allows you to create a secure perimeter to keep unauthorised individuals out, it also provides an effective solution for keeping vulnerable residents - such as children, the elderly, or even animals (as our later case study will illustrate) - inside. 


Secure fencing and gate automation gives you complete control over your residence, business, place of work, or anywhere else. 

We can install many different types of gate automation system to suit a wide variety of structures, so if you have any questions about how to make your building more secure, please contact us, and our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly!

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Gate automation is an excellent way to ensure that your site remains secure. It allows heavy gates to be operated at a distance or by a single individual rather than a team. 

It helps to keep areas of a site secure even while others are open. It also allows for personalised access, which can be arranged by a security team who grant the access, or by giving particular individuals authorised access through ID cards, for example.


Gate automation helps you to remain in full control of the safety and security of your site — whether it is personal, professional, public, or private.


Gate automation is also highly customisable and versatile. At KCS Projects, we have provided gate automation solutions for a wide variety of clients who have had different needs and requirements. This can include their size, location, industry, expansion plans, and more.


If you are unsure of which gate automation or security system would be the most effective for your needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch. One of our friendly advisors will be happy to assist you.



Swing Gate Options

Swing Gate Options often operate via underground gate automation. This means that a swing gate motor is located in a box positioned underground, attached to the bottom of the gate. This option is popular because it is seamless and aesthetically pleasing.

It is very visually discrete with no cumbersome machinery, and the motors are also quiet when in use. They are the most appropriate choice in locations where the ground surrounding the gate is already close to being level.

Arm automation can also be used effectively for swing gates, and this will be especially appropriate if your location has uneven ground levels.

Sliding Gate Options

Sliding Gate Options effectively slide across an entrance to allow full accessibility. 

A Cantilever Gate, for example, does not require a fixed track on the ground and is in fact bolted to a concrete plinth that counterbalances the gate. This option means that the gate never fully touches the floor.

A sliding gate system with wheels on the bottom of the gate can also sit effectively on a track installed on the ground, and is ideal for those with limited space for a gate to fully swing open, for example.

Neither option requires the ground to be fully level for effective operation.

Domestic Gates

Domestic Gates are tailor-made to suit individual houses, residences, and private road options. They are perhaps especially popular for allowing access to apartment blocks and other gated communities.

They can be manufactured from a variety of materials — especially metal and timber — and remain essential for privacy and security.

Commercial Gates

Commercial Gates might be required for warehouses, industrial units, educational buildings, and more. They are essential for controlling entry and exit from the site and can be connected to access control systems — thereby allowing onsite staff to decide whether to grant entry.

They can also give regular personnel the ability to let themselves securely on and off the site. Intercom systems can be an effective partner to this kind of gate, adding additional control, security, and professional peace of mind.



This educational site with two entrances was dealing with issues of unauthorised personnel, as well as a lack of traffic management that became a health and safety issue for both students and staff.

KCS Projects created a solution that returned full control to security onsite. A cantilever sliding gate system ensured that the main entrance was secured by a robust gate and intercom system.


This enabled the reception team to make individual decisions regarding access, while requiring an ID card to successfully scan through an installed proximity reader; this ensured that staff and students were kept secure and safe throughout the day.

Our recommendations for traffic and safety management also meant that the second entrance became an exit-only gate, relieving the parking pressure and the dangerous onsite movement of traffic.

Our specially installed cantilever sliding gate included an induction ground loop. This allowed vehicles to approach the gate knowing that it would open automatically - minimising delays and congestion as a result.


This popular attraction required specialist safety protocols that KCS Projects was proud to provide. Our gate solution for the Elephant House pens was constructed as a sliding gate system with large, galvanised metal bar panels to form the walls.

It was then possible to easily move elephants from one pen to another, or even to open multiple pens at once so that a larger area could be formed.


The automated openers we installed help to ensure that staff stay safer and able to keep their distance from the large animals, as these gates can be opened and closed more remotely. 


We were also able to adapt the design so that the motor was positioned at the top of the gates rather than the standard ground level option. This was so that damage from the elephants was less likely. We then covered the motor and electrical equipment with a fabricated box to ensure visual attractiveness.


Animals and staff alike were then able to move safely and securely through the designated areas.

We can install many different types of gate automation system to suit a wide variety of structures, so if you have any questions about how to make your building more secure, please contact us, and our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly!

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