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Smart Alarm System


We at KCS Projects have over 20 years of experience in the security and fire safety industries. 

By harnessing our advanced knowledge of how to install robust and accurate fire alarm systems, KCS Projects provides customers with industry-leading technology that ensures their properties are kept safe and secure at all times. 

KCS Projects works with individuals, businesses, and commercial and council-owned buildings alike - being trusted by major institutions such as schools, universities, and hospitals. The business is based in Milton Keynes, but able to work across the United Kingdom. 

We can install many different types of fire alarm to suit a wide variety of structures, so if you have any questions about how to make your building fire-secure, please contact us, and our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly!

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With over twenty years in the Security and Fire industries, we have experience of working with a wide range of businesses and sectors, and as such, we are familiar with the intricacies of fire safety in different settings.


We know that evacuation protocols vary depending on the environment, the residents, and the most efficient routes out of the building.


We can therefore give experienced advice on the most effective way to handle your Fire Security protocols, and will know how to plan a Fire Alarm System that works with your existing circumstances and protocols.


We install an Advanced Fire Alarm Panel and Hochiki Detectors with every system we fit, in order to ensure our customers receive the highest possible levels of safety and security!



What Is An Addressable Fire Alarm System?

An addressable fire alarm system can identify each device that is part of the circuit using an identification code and location descriptor. This information is shown on the LCD screen to alert the user of the precise location of the fire.


A conventional alarm system, by contrast, provides less specific information regarding the fire's whereabouts, and users may have to search through the area to locate the fire.

Another benefit of using an addressable fire system is its cause-and-effect mechanism. The system is pre-programmed during commissioning with the user's requirements.


As such, it can be bespoke to the building if required, to reflect the premises' layout. One benefit of this option, is that only the alarms in the relevant area will be affected, ensuring minimal disruption for other occupants.


Alternatively, if greater fire security is required, the alarm can be configured to set off all the alarms in the building to evacuate all occupants. This may be combined with door lock deactivation, to allow occupants to move around the building and safely evacuate the premises. 


We pride ourselves on creating bespoke cause-and-effect mechanisms that suit the building, its occupants, and the environment. Please get in touch to learn more about how we can configure your alarm system to meet your needs!

What Is A Conventional Fire Alarm System?

A conventional fire alarm system identifies the location of the fire by triggering an LED light to indicate the overall zone containing the affected detector.


Unlike the addressable system, this is a general descriptor, and the user would have to locate the precise location of the fire themselves. 

When To Consider Using An Addressable Fire Alarm System

If you have a fairly simple set-up for a home, and you are mobile and quick on your feet in a crisis, with few other people in your building, you might feel comfortable using a basic conventional alarm system. 

But if you are a landlord, manage a business with a large workforce, or if you care for other people who may require extra time or attention to move in an emergency (for example, wheelchair users, or those with extra communication needs), you may need to identify the location of the fire quickly and efficiently, or control the doors to ensure a fast and safe evacuation of the premises.

Addressable alarm systems are the perfect fire security for buildings that need a structured or quick exit. 


Buildings that require a staged evacuation, such as hospitals, care homes, schools, and other large premises should particularly consider an addressable alarm system, as it is faster, more efficient, and prompts individuals at the precise time that they need to evacuate. 


Conducting a staged evacuation using an addressable alarm makes the process safer and more efficient, while alerting your residents at the exact time they need to leave the building, with minimal fuss or confusion.



We have delivered our experienced and established fire security service to a variety of public, commercial, and private premises across the UK. One such project that we have undertaken, is Park Plaza County Hall, an eighteen-storey hotel in Waterloo, London. 

We installed an addressable fire alarm system, consisting of nine advanced panels. These were then networked together to form one collaborative system. Each panel shared information within this system, sending information regarding activations and faults etc. between devices.


The cause and effect mechanism of the system was configured to go off in stages, with an investigation delay to locate and verify the fire before the alarm sounded. The alarm would then sound in each zone individually, to create a staged evacuation.


This would prevent too many people from attempting to evacuate the building at once, which could cause blocked exits and crowding.

The alarm was also linked with other utility systems in the building, which allows for several further safety measures to be put in place. For example, when triggered, an addressable fire alarm system can be used to stop the other systems in the building that could cause or contribute to a fire - such as the gas or electricity supplies.

It can also be used to trigger water suppression systems, which help to put out fires using the building’s water supply. 



We can install many different types of fire alarm to suit a wide variety of structures, so if you have any questions about how to make your building fire-secure, please contact us, and our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly!

Call us on 01234 230690
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