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KCS Projects – We Provide Top-Quality BAFE Fire Alarm Installation!

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At KCS Projects, we believe that business owners should feel confident in the knowledge that their safety and security are in good hands.


We understand that companies are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of staff and customers alike, and that managers should feel comfortable in the knowledge that their security is handled by a team of responsible professionals.


That's why we have achieved UKAS Accredited Third-Party Certification and membership with the BAFE Fire Safety Registry under the BAFE SP203-1 Competency Scheme For Fire Detection And Fire Alarm Work - including the Code Of Practice For The Design, Installation, Commissioning And Maintenance Of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems In Non-Domestic Premises.


Our skilled and experienced tradespeople are adept in the installation of Fire Safety Solutions for a wide variety of businesses, charities, education settings, and public sector organisations across the UK.

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the lens of a cctv system that we installed in north london

Why Is It Important To Hire A Certified BAFE Fire Alarm Installer?

Many trades and services within the fire industry currently have no legal minimum qualification requirements; as such, if you use an unaccredited fire safety contractor, there is no guarantee that they will meet the standards necessary for protecting the safety of your staff, customers, premises, and stock.


The person or team appointed responsible for fire safety in your building - known as the Responsible Person(s) - is legally responsible for demonstrating that they have acted with due diligence when sourcing a competent fire safety provider; this legal responsibility stands solely with the Responsible Person(s).


The BAFE Fire Safety Registry was created to assist in the development, maintenance, and promotion of Third-Party Certification Schemes in the fire safety industry. These schemes provide objective and quantifiable evidence for the quality of accredited fire safety providers, and demonstrate their competency to deliver specific fire safety services.


BAFE themselves strongly recommend using a UKAS Accredited Third-Party Certified fire safety provider for all fire security installations.

a camera from a cctv system fitted to an external wall of a north london building

Due Diligence: Your Responsibilities With BAFE Fire Alarm Installation

The Responsible Person(s) is legally responsible for ensuring that any fire safety provider sourced is competent to carry out the work required. When agreeing a contract, companies should ensure that only third-party certificated fire safety providers are employed, and then verify this certification so they can demonstrate that due diligence was conducted during the outsourcing process.


This duty rests wholly with the Responsible Person(s), and they must be able to provide evidence that due diligence was taken when selecting providers.


Organisations registered and verified under the BAFE Fire Safety Register have submitted evidence to prove their compliance with the appropriate BAFE standards – meaning they are recognised as trustworthy providers of fire safety services who meet the necessary standards for their fields.

The 'Don't Just Specify, Verify' Campaign For BAFE Fire Alarm Installers

While specifying that your company is looking for a third-party accredited organisation in your contract is helpful, it may not tell you everything you need to know.


UKAS Third-Party Certifications are specific to individual services, and some providers may be certified to deliver some services, but not others. As such, businesses must verify that the Third-Party Certification awarded to the contractor is valid and appropriate for the contract. Thus, BAFE registration alone should not be considered evidence of competency for all fire safety services.


It is the responsibility of the Responsible Person(s) to verify the Third-Party Certification of the contractor against the requirements of the contract before it is awarded.


The BAFE Don’t Just Specify, Verify Campaign was launched to raise awareness of a business' responsibility to verify the suitability of third-party accreditations. This campaign is supported by several organisations, including UKAS, UKAS Accredited Certification Bodies, Trade Associations, and Professional Bodies in the life and fire safety fields.

a cctv system fitted to an external wall in north london
the lens of a cctv camera facing the viewer

Our Fire Alarm Systems

At KCS Projects, we are proud to deliver UKAS Third-Party Certified Fire Safety Services under the BAFE SP203-1 competency scheme for fire detection and fire alarm work.


With over 20 years of experience in the fire safety sector, we use industry-leading technology to deliver life-saving solutions to private homes, businesses, charities, universities, public sector bodies, and many other types of organisation.


KCS Projects are trusted providers of fire safety services for individuals, businesses, and commercial and council-owned properties across the UK. We are trusted by major institutions including schools and hospitals, and have extensive experience working in a wide range of settings and sectors.


As established providers of bespoke alarm systems, we are skilled at delivering adaptable solutions for properties that pose unique structural or practical challenges.


We are experienced in the installation of both addressable and conventional alarm systems, which can be configured in a range of options - including wired or wireless varieties - to suit the requirements of a particular premises.

To learn more about our Fire Alarm Systems, click here.


You can also read more about common fire safety issues - including our latest case studies - on our blog.

About Us

KCS Projects are expert providers of Fire and Security services, harnessing our extensive experience and knowledge from over two decades in the industries to inform the development of efficient, reliable and durable fire and security systems. We have delivered our wide range of services to a variety of private homes, businesses, and institutions across the UK from our base in Milton Keynes.


We are established providers of bespoke alarm systems, and pride ourselves on our ability to create flexible systems that work in harmony with their environment and the people within it.


Benefitting from a wide range of experience working in numerous sectors, we are experienced in building adaptable systems that reflect the daily operations of your premises and deliver effective solutions to keep you, your employees, and the general public safe.


Our fire services have achieved UKAS Third-Party Certification under the BAFE SP203-1 Competency Scheme For Fire Detection And Fire Alarm Work. Plus, all our services are delivered in accordance with the Code Of Practice For The Design, Installation, Commissioning And Maintenance Of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems In Non-Domestic Premises.

Want custom designed fire safety solutions created by a leading BAFE fire alarm installer? 

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the lens of a cctv camera facing the viewer
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