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Commercial Intruder Alarm Systems

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As a business, school, hospital, or other institution, you have a duty of care towards your staff and service users. This doesn’t just apply to ensuring that your daily operations conform to Health and Safety legislation - it also involves ensuring that your commercial premises is secure against intruders.

You will have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of your occupants, including protecting their property and preventing unauthorised access to the building. Intruders and unauthorised access can have significant consequences for these establishments, such as theft of sensitive information, threats to the safety and wellbeing of staff and service users, and property damage.


By implementing reliable and effective intruder alarm systems, establishments can deter potential intruders, and ensure a prompt response in the event of a security breach. Therefore, having an effective commercial intruder alarm system is essential for providing a swift security response.

According to the Commercial Victimisation Survey (2022), 28% of all business premises were a victim of crime in the previous 12 months. The survey further found that businesses which were open to the public were more likely to experience a crime (34%), than those closed to the public (21%). As such, it is essential for public premises to invest in effective security measures.


At KCS Projects, we specialise in providing commercial intruder alarm systems to businesses, schools, hospitals, and more. As security experts, we understand the unique security challenges faced by these institutions and can supply bespoke alarm systems to suit a wide variety of premises.

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The Benefits Of Commercial Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder alarms play an essential role in keeping your property - and the people within it - safe. 

Not only does an effective intruder alarm system raise the alert in the event of a security breach, but it also acts as a crime prevention measure by deterring criminals from targeting your premises.

What Are My Responsibilities?

Under the EN50131 guidelines, businesses and public services are required to ensure that the intruder alarm on their premises is appropriate for the level of risk.


Intruder alarms are separated into four grades, from low security to high security. Establishments should carry out a comprehensive risk assessment of their security before choosing an appropriate intruder alarm system.



Grade 1 (Basic): The property is at low risk of crime from inexperienced and opportunistic criminals. This Grade is only appropriate for domestic properties.


Grade 2 (Medium Security): The property is at medium risk of crime from more experienced criminals due to valuables or sensitive information kept on site. Grade 2 is appropriate for low-risk commercial settings.


Grade 3 (High Security): The property is at high risk of crime from organised crime due to highly valuable contents or sensitive information. Grade 3 is appropriate for most commercial settings.


Grade 4 (Very High Security): The property is at very high risk of organised crime due to extremely valuable contents or sensitive information kept on site. Grade 4 is appropriate for high-risk commercial settings, hospitals, and schools.

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Which Commercial Intruder Alarms Are Best For My Premises?

Wired Alarms

Our wired alarm systems are composed of multiple devices connected through electric cables. The system draws power directly from the mains, ensuring a continuous and reliable energy supply. This has the effect of reducing the risk of alarm failures and eliminating the need to replace batteries. 

Wired alarm systems are designed to provide uninterrupted protection against intruders and come complete with a backup battery. This backup power source ensures that your alarm remains operational even during energy outages, providing peace of mind and enhanced protection.


For an extra layer of security, our alarm systems are continuously monitored by the control panel. In the rare event of a power cut, you will be promptly alerted, so you can resolve the issue as swiftly as possible.

Wired alarms should be installed only where the wires can be adequately concealed, preventing the risk of trip hazards.

Wireless Alarms

For the majority of businesses, hospitals, and schools that experience high levels of footfall, a wireless alarm is usually more appropriate. These systems operate entirely on battery power, reducing the risk of trip hazards.

Our wireless alarms are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Unlike other wireless intruder alarms that require battery replacements approximately every 12 months, our alarm systems can run on the same set of batteries for up to two years!


This means you can enjoy long-lasting protection without the hassle and cost of frequent battery changes. Our wireless alarms are both convenient and reliable, helping you to promote high levels of security for your staff, clients, customers, visitors, and anyone else.

At KCS Projects, we understand that every premises has its own unique security needs. We offer bespoke solutions which ensure optimal protection for your property and its occupants. 


Our expert team is dedicated to delivering quality alarm systems, professional installations, and exceptional customer service, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your security is in highly capable hands!

Remote Monitoring

Our intruder alarm systems come with the option of Remote Monitoring, which involves connecting your intruder alarm to a central call centre that alerts a member of your security team - or a local police department - in the event of a security breach.


This enables you to set up a security network with your local emergency services.

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Why Choose KCS Projects?

At KCS Projects, we are proud to serve clients throughout the UK from our base in Milton Keynes.


With over twenty years of expertise in the Security and Fire sector, we have a deep understanding of the unique requirements and challenges faced by businesses and public services across a wide range of industries. Our extensive experience allows us to navigate security demands in a wide range of settings, ensuring that your security protocols are tailored to your environment.


We recognise that security protocols can vary significantly depending on various factors, including the type of building, its occupants, and the value of its contents. With this in mind, we offer expert advice on developing effective Security protocols that complement your existing procedures. Our knowledgeable team will know how to strategically plan and implement an Intruder Alarm System that aligns with your existing protocols, for maximum security at all times.


With KCS Projects, you can be confident that you have chosen a security company equipped with the extensive industry experience required to address your unique security needs. We are committed to providing tailored solutions that enhance the security of your premises, assets, and staff.


If you have any questions regarding the security of your commercial premises, please get in touch with us via the contact page. A member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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