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bedford cctv installation

Commercial Smoke Detectors

Are You Looking For Commercial Smoke Detectors To Keep Your Premises Safe? Contact Us!

At KCS Projects, we provide industry-leading commercial smoke detectors that help clients to achieve the highest levels of fire safety within their businesses.

We have refined and developed our expertise over 20 years of experience in the fire safety industry, working with a range of commercial and council-owned properties and being trusted by major institutions including schools, hospitals, and universities.


We work with businesses and public services across the United Kingdom, using our extensive knowledge and experience in the fire industries to deliver professional advice regarding fire safety requirements, and to fit the best fire detection technologies for our diverse client base.

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Why Do I Need A Commercial Smoke Detector?

Installing an efficient smoke detector in your business is essential for keeping your staff and customers safe.


Under the UK fire alarm regulations, all businesses are required to have an appropriate fire detection system for the safety of staff and the public, and penalties for noncompliance may include fines or even prison sentences, in severe cases.

Investing in an efficient smoke detector is a simple way to ensure that your business remains compliant with fire safety legislation - thereby preventing your risk of being fined, keeping your employees, customers, and visitors safe, and minimising damage to your property.

In addition, during a fire every second counts. An effective fire detector will swiftly sense the fire and raise the alarm, allowing you to alert the emergency services before the situation escalates.


This could save you many thousands of pounds worth of fire damage to your business premises.

At KCS Projects, we are committed to helping business owners fireproof their premises and ensure the safety of staff and the general public.


We supply a wide range of fire alarm systems to suit a variety of commercial premises and provide expert advice regarding which system will be most suitable for your business.

installing a cctv system in bedford for a corporate client

Our Hochiki Smoke Detectors

We install an Advanced Fire Alarm Panel and industry-leading addressable Hochiki fire detectors with every system we fit; this guarantees the highest levels of safety for your staff and customers.

Founded in Tokyo in 1918, Hochiki has been an industry-leading brand in the life safety solutions field for over 100 years. Producing over 500,000 conventional and intelligent fire detection products per year, Hochiki employ the latest manufacturing techniques and rigorous quality control to produce reliable fire alarm systems for long-term security. 

With its line of commercial and industrial fire detection products offering optimal quality and reliability, Hochiki has set the standard for fire detection technology.

Hochiki's addressable fire detection systems use ESP (Enhanced System Protocol) technology, a high-integrity communications platform which prevents errors between the fire alarm control panel and the fire sensing equipment, thus promoting the highest levels of safety and reliability.

Their addressable fire detectors are compatible with a wide range of fire alarm systems, and as such, are suitable for a variety of commercial and industrial premises.

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Case Study: Bedford Hospital

We have delivered our industry-leading Fire and Security services to a wide range of commercial, public, and private venues across the United Kingdom. For instance, we recently installed our fire detectors at Bedford Hospital, Bedford, following the reconfiguration of their alarm loop.

Bedford Hospital (founded 1903) is a 440-bed NHS hospital based in Bedford, Bedfordshire. The hospital consists of two sites, the North Wing and the South Wing, which comprise a total of 60 medical departments.

We were contracted by PCI to reconfigure the fire alarm loop following the refurbishment of a floor at Bedford Hospital, as the refurbishments had caused several doors and walls to change position. 

To reconfigure the alarm loop, we were required to move the door hold-offs before moving and installing fire detectors and alarms; these were then connected to the main security system. This enabled the new alarm setup and existing security system to connect with each other, thereby creating one streamlined network that would run reliably to preserve the health and safety of staff and patients alike.

To fulfil the brief, we needed to consider the requirements of the hospital at all times during our contract. By working flexibly and adapting where necessary, we were able to carry out the work with minimal disruption to the hospital's routine.

Quality Customer Support

We are proud to deliver industry-leading advice and customer support to our clients. If you have any questions regarding the fire safety of your building, please get in touch and a member of staff will contact you shortly!

We are experienced in installing a wide variety of fire alarm systems for a wide variety of structures, and can provide information and advice concerning the individual requirements of your premises.

If You Need Commercial Smoke Detectors, Make Sure You Contact Our Expert Team!

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