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Conventional Fire Alarm System

Looking For A Top-Quality Conventional Fire Alarm System? Contact Us!

At KCS Projects, we specialise in the design and installation of conventional fire alarm systems for clients from a diverse range of sectors. 

Using our experience of over 20 years in the fire and security industries, we work with a variety of organisations - including schools, hospitals, and commercial businesses - to help them meet their fire safety requirements. 

We provide a comprehensive fire alarm system service, spanning from initial installation through to routine maintenance. Our experts are experienced in installing and maintaining fire alarms in a wide variety of settings, and in overcoming any logistical challenges that may occur in a busy working environment. 


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Is A Conventional Fire Alarm System Right For You?

Fire alarm systems are classed as either conventional or addressable.

To learn more about which option is right for you, you will need to understand the difference between the two types of system.

Conventional Fire Alarm System

Conventional fire alarm systems use one or more circuits, which are connected to sensors.


Each of these devices is connected to the control panel using a wire. If a fire is detected by the sensors, the alarm will sound, and the control panel will signify the location of the fire by indicating the zone affected. 

Conventional fire alarm systems offer several benefits. Firstly, they are generally less expensive than addressable fire alarms and require less labour to install. They can also be set to different zones - which means that if only one zone is affected, it will not disturb the occupants in other zones.


Plus, conventional fire alarms are also easy to use and are a convenient choice for small areas such as offices. However, there are two disadvantages to using a conventional fire alarm system. 

They are not suitable for large-scale spaces, as the fire detection function only indicates a generalised area. And they also require more cabling, which could present a trip hazard if not adequately concealed. 

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Addressable fire alarm systems, on the other hand, use several devices connected to the fire panel with a single wire. The system then uses binary code to inform the control panel of the exact location of the fire.

Whereas conventional systems are more appropriate for smaller premises, addressable fire alarms are highly scalable, making them a more appropriate option for larger properties. 


By indicating the precise location of the fire, they can help emergency services find the fire quicker and easier - thereby ensuring a rapid response, reducing the risk to the health and safety of the occupants, and reducing property damage. 


Addressable fire alarms offer several benefits. This includes a more accurate descriptor of the location of the fires and suitability for larger premises. However, they are more expensive overall, and commissioning them may be a lengthier process. 


The Differences Between Conventional And Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

There are several key differences between conventional and addressable solutions which you should take into account when choosing your fire alarm system.


These include:

Wiring - Whereas addressable fire alarm systems use one wire to transfer data between multiple devices, conventional fire alarm systems use one wire per device. This means there is more wiring required for a conventional system than an addressable system.


Cost - Conventional fire alarms are typically cheaper to purchase than their addressable counterparts.


Functionality - Conventional systems indicate the generalised location of the fire using ‘zones’. Each ‘zone’ represents a location where a device is situated. Addressable systems, on the other hand, show the exact location of the fire.


Reliability - Addressable fire alarm systems are overall more reliable than conventional fire alarms.


This is because if a wire in a conventional alarm system is damaged, the system will not work. However, addressable systems use a two-way connection which ensures that the alarm will still work even if the wire is damaged.


Conventional fire alarms are also more prone to false alarms due to dust build-up around the wiring.

Raising The Right Alarm

To summarise, a conventional fire alarm may be a more appropriate solution for smaller businesses and organisations that need to install a fire alarm system quickly, on a limited budget.

However, if you have larger premises, or need to be able to identify the location of the fire quickly due to vulnerable occupants, you may find an addressable fire alarm system is more appropriate for your needs. 


Why Choose KCS Projects?

At KCS Projects, we work with a wide range of businesses and sectors, using our in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of fire safety in different settings. We are highly experienced in navigating diverse evacuation protocols, which vary according to the environment, occupants, and most efficient exit routes.

This allows us to provide educated advice regarding the most effective ways to plan your fire security protocols, and to design a fire alarm system that will perfectly compliment your premises. 


In addition, we install a complimentary Advanced Fire Alarm Panel and Hochiki Detectors with each system fitted, ensuring that our customers are fully protected against fire risks on their premises!

About Us

At KCS Projects, we have over 20 years of experience in the security and fire safety sectors. Based in Milton Keynes, we deliver fire safety services across the UK, serving a diverse clientele from private, public, and commercial organisations.


Our commitment to delivering industry-leading fire safety technology and professional expertise has established us as a trustworthy provider of fire safety solutions for esteemed institutions, including schools, universities, and hospitals.

We excel in navigating the complexities of fire safety across various settings. We understand that every building is unique and deliver bespoke fire safety services to meet the individual requirements of our clients. Our extensive experience in the fire and security industries enables us to deliver reliable, high-tech security solutions that guarantee the safety of our clients, their employees, visitors, and customers.


Our advisors are always on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding your fire safety requirements. To speak to a member of our friendly team, contact us today on 01234 230690 or email us at

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