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We're One Of The Leading Fire Alarm Companies In London

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At KCS Projects, we provide industry-leading fire alarm systems, earning a reputation as one of the leading fire alarm companies in London. We are proud to help our customers ensure the safety of their properties at all times! 

Our expertise has been refined and developed through over 20 years of experience in the security and fire safety industries, working with a range of individuals, businesses, and commercial and council-owned buildings, and being trusted by major public institutions including schools, hospitals, and universities.

Based in Milton Keynes, we work with businesses and public services across the United Kingdom, and have extensive knowledge and experience regarding the installation of a wide choice of fire alarms to suit all types of environments.

Our team enjoy finding alarm solutions to suit a wide variety of settings, and we are very happy to answer any questions regarding fire security. If you have any queries about fire safety issues, please get in touch, and a member of our customer service team will be in touch.

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Why Choose Us When You Need Fire Alarm Companies In London?

Our experience of working with a diverse range of businesses and sectors has enabled us to become proficient in delivering fire safety solutions in many different settings.

With over twenty years in the Security and Fire industries, we understand that evacuation protocols vary greatly according to the environment, design, and residency of each unique structure.


Our Fire Alarm Systems are created to work in harmony with your existing evacuation protocols and circumstances, and with every system we fit, we install an Advanced Fire Alarm Panel and Hochiki Detectors to ensure the highest levels of safety and security for our customers.

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Choosing A Fire Alarm System: Addressable Or Conventional?

There are two different types of alarm systems that our customers may choose between according to their requirements: addressable or conventional.


Here, we will explain the differences between these two systems, so that your business can choose the best solution for your premises.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

An addressable fire alarm system is the most precise form of fire alarm system, and can easily direct you to the location of the fire using the identification code and location descriptor displayed on the LCD screen.

This information allows you to find the device which has been alerted in your system, and act more quickly and efficiently to evacuate the building and pass information to fire services.

This is particularly helpful in settings such as schools and healthcare, where residents may need to be escorted away from dangerous settings, and allows for the information to be reported with greater speed and accuracy.


Addressable alarms use a cause and effect mechanism, which allows the user to pre-programme the system during commissioning to reflect the layout of the premises. For example, you can set only the alarms in the relevant area to go off, if your business is looking to minimise disruptions to other residents. 

Alternatively, if your building requires a greater level of security, all alarms can be set to go off, in order to evacuate all occupants. For greater efficiency, door lock deactivation may also be enabled to allow occupants to evacuate the premises more quickly and safely.

Our bespoke-made cause and effect mechanisms are created to suit your building, occupants, and the wider environment. For more information about how we can configure your alarm system to meet your requirements, get in touch! 

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

By contrast, conventional alarm systems do not identify the precise location of the fire's whereabouts, meaning that occupants may have to search the building for the location of the fire.

An LED light shows the overall ‘zone’ which contains the fire, however, this is just a general indication and further investigation will be required to find where the fire has started.

Picking The Right Fire Alarm System For You

If you and your occupants have good mobility and your venue is small, with a simple layout, you may be happy with the solution that a Conventional Alarm System provides.

But for landlords, larger business owners, and the owners and managers of care settings, an Addressable Alarm System provides greater security when assisting others to vacate the premises. For example, if you have employees or occupants who are disabled or who have extra communication needs, they may require extra time and attention to exit the building.

For buildings that require a structured and fast exit, such as buildings which use a staged evacuation system, an Addressable Alarm system prompts residents to evacuate when appropriate, allowing the evacuation process to be quicker and safer.

Using an addressable alarm for staged evacuations reduces confusion and panic, and enables staff and residents to evacuate in a safe and orderly manner.

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fire alarm companies

Case Study: Park Plaza County Hall

We have delivered our expertise in Fire and Security services to a wide range of private, public, and commercial venues across the United Kingdom. One such client is Park Plaza County Hall, an eighteen-storey hotel, based in Waterloo London.

At Park Plaza County Hall, we used an Addressable Fire Alarm system, which comprised of nine advanced panels. We formed one collaborative system by networking these panels together, so that information may be shared within the system, including information regarding faults and activations.

The system was configured to go off in stages, using a cause and effect mechanism. We also implemented an investigation delay which allowed users to locate and verify the fire before the alarm sounded. To allow for a staged exit, the alarm in each zone would go off individually, to prevent blocked exits and crowding during evacuation.

Other utility systems in the building were also networked to the alarm system, which allowed for other safety features to be added, such as deactivating systems that could contribute to a fire, including gas and electricity.


This system could also be used to trigger water suppression systems, which puts out fires using the water supply available in the building.

If you wish to discuss the fire safety of your own premises, feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be in touch! 

Need Fire Alarm Companies In London? 

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