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Expert Fire Alarm Servicing In London

Do You Need Fire Alarm Servicing In London? Give Us A Call!

At KCS Projects, we have over 20 years of experience in the security and fire safety industries, working across a wide variety of private, public, and third-sector settings. Our industry-leading technology and professional expertise have made us a trusted provider of fire solutions to major institutions such as schools, universities, and hospitals, where we've helped keep their staff and residents safe from all manner of security threats.

We are experienced in handling the intricacies of fire safety in a range of different settings. Every building is different, and fire safety requirements may vary significantly according to the environment, occupants, and dedicated fire escape routes. Years of extensive work in the fire and security industries - including experience delivering bespoke alarm systems - have enabled us to provide reliable, high-tech safety solutions that inspire client confidence!

fire alarm servicing in london

Our friendly team is committed to delivering high-quality fire security services to suit a range of industries and structures, and we are happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding your premises' fire safety requirements.

We provide an expert resource for businesses seeking effective security solutions, and are highly experienced in delivering guidance for a range of industries. This includes effective management of existing fire security protocols, and selecting an appropriate fire alarm system to suit your premises and organisational structure.


If you have any questions, our specialist team will be happy to help!

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Case Study: Park Plaza County Hall

Our experienced staff have delivered fire security solutions to many public, commercial, and private premises across the United Kingdom.


Park Plaza County Hall, an eighteen-storey hotel based in Waterloo, London, contacted our team to commission a bespoke staged alarm to meet the fire security requirements of their commercial property.


We began by installing an addressable fire alarm system comprised of nine advanced panels. We formed one collaborative system by networking these panels together, allowing information such as activations and faults, to be transferred between devices.


The cause-and-effect mechanism was then configured to set off a staged alarm, including an investigation delay that allowed the user to locate the fire before the alarm sounded. This alarm would sound in each individual zone in the building in sequence, creating the basis for a staged evacuation.


This setting would help to prevent overcrowding and panicking, which could potentially lead to blocked exits and disorderly conduct during evacuations.


Using an addressable alarm also allowed us to put in place several other additional safety features, such as stopping systems in the building that could contribute to a fire, including gas and electricity supplies. It also enabled us to install water suppression systems, which use a fire sprinkler to put out fires using the building’s water supply.


If you wish to discuss the fire safety of your own premises, feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be in touch! 

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a fire alarm system

Choosing Your Fire Alarm System: Addressable Or Conventional?

There are two different types of alarm systems that our customers may choose between according to their requirements: addressable or conventional.


Here, we will explain the differences between these two systems, so that your business can choose the best solution for your venue.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

An addressable alarm system uses an identification code and location descriptor to identify the precise location of a fire.


This information is then communicated to the user via the LCD screen to ensure that all occupants are safely removed from the building, and that fire information can be quickly and clearly communicated to staff and emergency services.

Addressable fire alarm systems use a cause-and-effect mechanism, which can be pre-programmed during commissioning to include additional safety features such as fire dampers, and automatic closing of fire doors.


Addressable systems can be custom-made to suit the layout of the premises - like for example, by limiting alarms to only the affected area, so you can reduce disruption to residents in other areas of the building.


Conversely, addressable systems can be configured to alert all alarms in the building in order to evacuate all occupants. This feature is often combined with door lock deactivation, which allows freedom of movement throughout the building in the event of an emergency.


We have extensive experience creating bespoke cause-and-effect mechanisms to suit any building layout, and pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our alarm systems.


Contact us today to learn how you can optimise your premises’ security using our bespoke fire alarm solutions!

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

In contrast to addressable alarms, conventional alarm systems provide more limited information regarding the location of the fire.


Conventional alarm systems indicate the general area in which the fire is located using an LED light - but do not provide the precise location - meaning that system users, or a member of emergency services, may be required to search the site to locate the outbreak themselves.

Picking The Right Fire Alarm System For You

Conventional alarm systems are a cheap and effective solution for small properties with mobile occupants who can be easily directed in a crisis.


However, if you have a business premises with a large workforce, or act as a landlord for several properties in the same building, you may need to locate the fire quickly and efficiently, and to use door controls to limit the spread of a fire.


In some industries, such as care, you may also be required to have strict evacuation procedures in place for occupants with mobility issues or extra communication needs.


Addressable alarm systems are the ideal solution for premises that require a structured or quick exit, and buildings that require a staged evacuation – such as care homes, hospitals, schools, and other large premises - should particularly consider an addressable alarm due to their efficiency and ability to alert multiple different zones in stages.


Using an addressable alarm for staged evacuations is safer, more efficient, and will notify your residents at the precise time they need to evacuate – thereby helping to prevent confusion and panic, and allowing your staff to manage their time more effectively.

No matter what kind of fire alarm system you have installed in your premises, our experts can ensure they're working perfectly and protecting you at all times!

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