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Case Study: Braintree Police Station

The Client:


In April 2023, KCS Projects was awarded the contract for a comprehensive Fire Alarm Replacement, Emergency Lighting, and Fire Compartmentalisation project at Braintree Police Station for Essex Police.


Due to Braintree Police Station's status as a secure environment, the client required meticulous planning and adherence to procedures to ensure that safety and security standards were met at all times.



The Brief:


Our works spanned from April to June 2023 and involved the installation of an L2 Fire Alarm system, emergency lighting, and compartmentalisation measures to enhance fire safety. In total, the works were valued at £130,000.


As Braintree Police Station is a secure environment, planning and adherence to procedures were essential for meeting safety and security standards. All staff were required to meet the Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS), and to go through Non-Police Personnel Vetting (NPPV) Level 2 security clearances, in order to comply with the stringent standards of a secure police facility.


These qualifications were essential for ensuring the safety and security of the police station environment, as well as guaranteeing the physical safety of our staff members.



Our Work:


As meticulous planning and adherence to procedures were critical to meeting the demands of a secure police environment, our team leveraged their extensive experience in completing Fire Alarm contracts to seamlessly plan and execute this project.


Before the main works began, we conducted a comprehensive survey of the site, allowing for the identification of areas to be isolated during electrical shutdowns. We also held a planning meeting with Braintree Council to ensure alignment on the phasing plan, with a commitment to flexibility based on the evolving needs of the police station.


This contract required us to carry out three different types of works: Fire Stopping, Emergency Lighting, and Fire Alarm installation. As such, we adopted a flexible approach to the work in order to meet the needs of Braintree Police Station, while ensuring that all aspects of the job were delivered safely and effectively.


Careful planning of electrical isolation was paramount to the success of the project. Therefore, we meticulously coordinated the turn-off of electrics, tailoring the approach based on the station’s operational needs. Consideration was given to natural light availability, with reactive planning for lighting circuit installations.


In addition, the works were planned to accommodate both occupied areas and those requiring clearance. This allowed for the adaptability required by the dynamic nature of the building. We also carried out contingency planning - including night and weekend work - to ensure the timely completion of the project.

At the end of each phase, we held progress meetings, accompanied by a quality assessment of the completed works. This collaborative approach involved the Contract Manager/Director and a representative from Braintree Council, with a focus on snagging identification and continuous improvement.


Working within a live and secure environment posed challenges that we effectively addressed. Stringent measures were implemented to manage risks - including full separation of works areas, and prominent warning signs.


In addition, by scheduling the noisy and dusty works outside of peak office hours, we ensured minimal disruption to the daily operations of the Police Station.



The Outcome:


We demonstrated expertise, adaptability, and a commitment to safety throughout our Fire Alarm, Emergency Lighting, and Compartmentalisation work at Braintree Police Station.


By using careful planning and adherence to procedures, we ensured high levels of wellbeing for staff and visitors at all times. Plus, by adopting a flexible approach, we were able to meet the daily needs of a busy Police Station while successfully delivering the work.


We worked collaboratively at all stages to ensure that standards were met, work was carried out safely and to a high standard, and that maximum value for money was provided.


The successful completion of this critical project illustrates KCS Projects' ability to deliver complex solutions in secure and live environments.


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