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How To Open An Automatic Gate In An Electricity Shortage

If you have electric gates installed on your property, it is essential to know how to open them manually if there is an electricity shortage, if your gate motor fails, if the remote batteries run out, or if you misplace the remote control.

You may also find that your premises experiences a power blackout if a construction crew digs on your road, or if there are electrical supply issues in your area.

As such, you should always know how to manually open your electric gates. The process can vary according to the make and model of electric gate you are using, but every gate has a manual release handle, lever, or key.

Firstly, if your sliding gate has a cover protecting its mechanisms, take this off before you start, while being sure to put any screws safely to one side where they won’t go missing. Then, simply follow this guide to safely open your automatic gates.

Common Automated Gate Styles

Your automated gates will likely be one of two styles:

Sliding Gates - These work by using wheels which move along a track above the driveway entrance. On the inside of the gate, there is a rack with teeth that connects with a gear on the outside of the gate motor. When the motor turns, it runs along the teeth, opening the gate.

Swing Gates - Electric motors rotate the gate using the gate’s arm, or by moving the point of attachment towards or away from the gate’s connection to the gate post, thereby opening the gates horizontally.

How To Manually Open The Common Models Of Swing Gates

1. Undo The Gate’s Bolt

Undo the bolt using the tool provided with your gate.

2. Lower The Arm

To open the gate manually, you must lower the arm after the bolt has been loosened.

3. Open The Gate

Now, you can open your gate! To ensure the gate works when the power comes back on, replace the arm in its original position and tighten the bolt.

How To Manually Open The Common Models Of Sliding Gates

1. Open The Door Of The Motor

Use the key provided to unlock the door to the motor.

2. Open The Gate Manually

Slide the gate open to allow you to exit the property.

3. Lock The Door Again

Remember to lock the door to the motor to allow you to use the automatic functions when power returns, and to prevent unauthorised personnel from gaining access to your property.

Note: Always push your gate slowly and steadily while opening under a manual release.

If your gate is under pressure, it may not open immediately. In these circumstances, push the gate in the opposite direction to release the pressure, and then gently try again. Never force a manual release.

Points To Remember

There are a few things you should remember when using an automated gate system:

• You will need to be able to physically open your gate in the event of a power cut - If the power goes out, you may need to manually open your gates by yourself, which means you should consider whether you can handle the task.

If you use a gate that is too heavy for you to open alone, you may risk becoming stuck in the event of a power cut.

• Your remote will not work without working batteries - It may seem obvious, but if the batteries die in your remote, you will need to manually open your gate in order to exit the premises.

Ensure that you regularly replace the batteries in your remote to avoid being trapped in a sticky situation.

• Do not leave your gate in manual mode - If your gate is left in manual mode, it will not respond to automated cues.

• Keep your gates clean - If insects, dust, or any other residue builds up inside the motor, it will not be able to respond to directives. Keep your gate motor clean at all times to prevent gates from becoming stuck.

• Keep the gate’s view sensors clear - If the view sensors are blocked, the gates will not open when your vehicle approaches.

Hazard Prevention Using Backup Batteries

As the old adage goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Why mess around with a manual opening system if the situation can be prevented?

That’s why many 24V automatic gate kits now come with a backup battery that will power the gates if the main electricity supply is disrupted. This means you will not need to manually open your gates in the event of a power cut, saving you a good deal of time and trouble.

To avoid the backup battery running out of juice, you should open the gates and keep them open during a power outage until the electricity supply returns, as this will reduce the drain on the battery.

Want to use security gates to properly protect your premises? Give us a call!


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