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School Security Camera Systems

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Schools face a wide range of security threats on their premises, from vandalism by students and members of the general public, to child safeguarding issues and abuse. That’s why monitoring events on school property is essential for keeping students safe and protecting school property. 

School security camera systems are a valuable asset to educational facilities. Not only do they deter crime and monitor events on school property, but they also capture vital video evidence which can be used in court proceedings, disciplinary meetings, and child safeguarding investigations. 

At KCS Projects, we specialise in the design and installation of effective CCTV systems that can be easily integrated with other security technologies, helping you to make your school a safer place for both students and staff! 

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The Common Threats To School Security

CCTV systems can detect many security threats on school property, including:

•    Threats to the safety of students and staff
•    Bullying, harassment, and violent behaviour
•    Burglary and trespassers
•    Theft
•    Vandalism
•    Sexual offences
•    Arson
•    Drug and alcohol use on school grounds

What Are The Legal Restrictions On Using School Security Camera Systems?

• All CCTV systems installed on school grounds must be compliant with the GDPR to ensure CCTV is appropriately used and controlled and to prevent data loss.

• Schools can station CCTV systems anywhere on school property, but there are limitations on their use in private areas such as toilets and changing rooms.

• Schools can install CCTV systems in private areas in 'exceptional circumstances'; this includes situations where there is a significant risk of drug abuse, sexual conduct and misconduct, and self-harm and suicide. 

• Schools can also use CCTV systems in these areas at particular times, such as when they are not in use.

• All CCTV systems used on school grounds must comply with the ICO Code of Practice

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The ICO Code Of Practice For School Security Camera Systems

There are several factors that schools must consider when using CCTV on school property. These include:

• How will you respect the privacy of students and staff and protect their human rights?

• Is audio really necessary, or is it sufficient to just capture video footage?

• You will need to be able to justify your use of CCTV systems on school property. You should create a document which explains your reasonable grounds for installing CCTV on school grounds - for example, prevention of violence and/or crime

• Ensuring your school policies are updated accordingly

• Ensuring that your CCTV is set up and managed effectively, and in compliance with GDPR

Maintaining An Effective Relationship With Parents, Guardians, And Students

Some parents and guardians may have understandable concerns regarding the use of CCTV systems on school property, particularly if they are stationed in private areas. This may lead to complaints if not handled in an effective manner.

Schools should always communicate with parents, guardians, and other stakeholders to explain how and why they are using CCTV on school property. 

To prevent anxiety, students should also be given information and support to explain that the CCTV systems have been installed for use in a supportive manner.

Integrating CCTV Systems With Other Security Technologies

CCTV systems are most effective when integrated with other security technologies, for example, automated gates, access controls, and fire detection systems. 

A few ways that you can enhance your security by integrating CCTV with other security features include:

• Automated Gates - By integrating your CCTV system with your automated gates, you can check that your visitors are who they say they are, and capture any identifying features of vehicles that try to force entry through the barrier. 

Access Controls - CCTV systems can help verify that the right person is using an allocated card or key fob. This prevents the risk of cards or fobs being stolen and used to access restricted areas unauthorised. 

Furthermore, the use of CCTV in conjunction with access controls prevents the risk of ‘tailgating’ - which is when a trespasser follows or coerces an authorised member of staff to allow them access into a facility.


CCTV systems can also identify if an authorised member of staff uses their access unlawfully. 

• Fire Detection Systems - Integrating CCTV systems with your fire detection systems can help you identify whether there is an actual fire risk, or if it is an unwanted fire signal, which may be caused by students or a technological issue. 

Plus, if you have an addressable fire alarm, you can use the alarm to identify the region of the fire, then check the CCTV system to determine whether the cause of the fire was natural, or started by an arson attack.

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Our Case Studies

At KCS Projects, we have worked with a variety of educational facilities, from children's nurseries to secondary schools.

We are experienced in designing and installing security systems to meet the unique requirements of a wide range of educational facilities, including integrating security systems to enable schools to provide a safe and supportive environment for their students and staff.

For a closer look at our approach to school security, you can read the following case studies:

Bedford Girls’ School
The Warriner School
Draper’s Pyrgo Priory School
Tennyson Road Primary School (North Campus)
Tennyson Road Primary School (South Campus)
Westbrook Hay Prep School
The Arnold Academy
The DeMontford School
Brookvale Groby Learning Campus
A Children’s Nursery
The Green School For Girls

About KCS Projects

At KCS Projects, we are experienced and highly qualified Fire and Security experts with over 20 years of experience in the security and fire safety industries. 

Based in Milton Keynes, we carry out our work for clients across the United Kingdom, designing and installing bespoke-built security systems for our clients’ unique needs. 

We have worked with businesses of all sizes, from major institutions such as schools, universities, and hospitals, to commercial and council-owned buildings, charities, small businesses, corporations, and almost everything in between!

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