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School Security Systems

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Under the Children's Act (2004) and the Education Act (2002) schools have a responsibility to safeguard children. As part of this legislation, schools are required to fulfil their duty of care by ensuring that their school grounds are safe.


Unfortunately, many schools around the country are at risk of criminal activity from a range of sources that include members of the public, students, and parents and guardians.

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Why You Need School Security Systems: The Crime Statistics For UK Schools

Education insurer Ecclesiastical found that two-thirds of schools were targeted by offenders between 2021 and 2022.

The survey of 500 teachers found that schools were affected by antisocial behaviour (28%), trespassing (24%), graffiti (23%), and criminal damage (22%).


The majority of crimes were committed by pupils (35%), followed by ex-pupils, and people unrelated to the school (29%).

Crimes committed on school property can range from minor, civil cases such as trespassing and littering, to violent crimes such as assault.


And in 2019, a survey found that assaults on school premises had reached an all-time high, rising by 72% since 2015.

In that same year, data recorded by the Metropolitan Police Service found 8,000 criminal offences took place on school grounds, including 291 cases of suspects armed with a knife, 21 instances of gun possession, 37 reported rapes, 232 drug offences, and 3,500 reports of violence.

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The Common Dangers

Knife Crime


In the year 2019, knife crime in the UK was at the highest level in a decade, with 45,632 young people aged 10-17 sentenced for carrying a knife or offensive weapon in England or Wales.


1000 of these cases involved a weapon discovered on school property, with the youngest offender being just 4 years old.



Attacks On Teaching Staff


Teachers and support staff have the sixth highest level of violence at work, across all occupational groups. A 2022 poll by YouGov found that 1 in 7 teachers experience aggression and even physical violence from a student at least once a month.


Secondary school teachers were the most at risk, with nearly half (47%) stating that they experienced violence from a pupil once a month. Shockingly, 5% of teachers report being attacked by a student as often as once a week.



Pupil On Pupil Violence


The Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA) found that bullying and pupil-on-pupil violence figures remain high, with 27% of surveyed students reporting frequent bullying.


Verbal victimisation was the most common form of bullying at 21.2%, followed by relational at 15.8% and physical abuse at 8.4%. In particular, students with SEN/D and recipients of free school meal programmes were identified as especially vulnerable to bullying from other students.



Threats From The Public


Trespassing on school grounds is considered a civil offence until a disturbance has been committed.

If a trespasser is detected on the grounds, schools must ask them to leave in a civil manner. If they refuse, the school is permitted to request their removal from the grounds by a police escort. Schools are entitled to bar an individual from the grounds if they are aggressive or threatening to staff or pupils.


Individuals who have an ‘implied licence’ to be on school grounds, such as parents or guardians, may be considered trespassers if they exceed their implied licence - like for example, by being on school grounds after hours, or displaying aggressive or threatening behaviour.


Trespassing on school grounds may be the initial symptom of other criminal offences, from minor offences such as graffiti and destruction of property, to violent criminal activities including sexual assault, child abduction, and gang-related crimes such as drug offences.


As such, it is imperative that schools remain vigilant in maintaining their perimeter and deterring unauthorised personnel.

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The Value Of School Security Equipment

UK schools are legally responsible for ensuring the health and safety of pupils, staff, and members of the public on their premises, and should take preventative measures to ensure a safe environment for all personnel on-site.


Installing efficient security systems is an essential preventative measure that schools can take to protect children and staff from risks to their health and wellbeing.


At KCS Projects, we are highly experienced in designing and installing bespoke security solutions for schools and colleges. We use the latest in security technology to guarantee high levels of safety for students and staff, providing a wide range of security solutions including CCTV systems, Access Controls, and Gate Automation.

Our School Security Systems

CCTV Systems
CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) refers to a network of cameras or recording equipment — usually operating continuously, and directly linked to one another.

It is used to closely monitor or record events, to provide a strong deterrent for illegal or undesirable activity, and to add an extra layer of security in the event of an accident, crime, or security breach. It can also be used for safety purposes, ensuring that students and staff on-site are safe, secure, and supported.
CCTV systems are not just an effective deterrent, security tool, and safety feature; they can also be highly versatile - whether indoor or outdoor, singular or a whole network, or covering a smaller or larger location.
Access Controls
Access controls are used to restrict access to a site, most commonly using magnetic key fobs or ID cards.
Key fobs for an Access Control System can be allocated to members of staff, thereby limiting access to members of the public. Using an Access Control system, you can also choose to limit the opening hours to times when your property is fully staffed or monitor all those who enter your building.
Access Controls also serve the function of acting as a ‘register’ in an emergency response, enabling managers to quickly and easily identify which members of staff have safely evacuated, and who may be trapped inside the building.

Gate Automation
Many schools choose secure gate automation as the most effective solution for their onsite security needs. Gate automation allows you to create a secure perimeter to keep unauthorised individuals out.
It also allows for personalised access, which can be arranged by a security team who grant the access, or by giving particular individuals authorised access through a key fob or an ID card.
Secure fencing and gate automation gives you complete control over your school, residence, business, place of work, or anywhere else.

For Top-Quality School Security Equipment That Will Keep Your Staff, Pupils, Parents, And Visitors Safe, Call Us On 01234 230690 Or Email!

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