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5 Powerful Uses For CCTV In Your Business

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Whether for personal property or professional premises, CCTV is a powerful tool.

Most people are aware of the main benefit of CCTV — that it allows users to keep a visual overview of a space at any time — but few are aware of the wider range of benefits offered by a professionally installed CCTV system.

Below, we explore five simple but highly effective uses of CCTV, and their benefits. This will help you to feel informed when deciding if CCTV would suit you and your business.

1. Improved Safety

CCTV allows users greater control over the safety of their premises and personnel, while also helping them to identify small issues or potential problems before they have a chance to become a major hazard. This approach can especially apply to ‘high traffic areas’, where you may want to identify vehicles or personnel in transit, and to keep walkways or fire escapes clear of obstructions and debris.

CCTV helps users to spot fires, floods, and developing hazards, as well as to recognize when a team member becomes ill or injured.

CCTV is not only about offering greater security from outside threats, it can also help to identify hazards and challenges faced on-site so that improvements can be made quickly.

For example, should an unfortunate accident or event occur, CCTV can enable a careful review so that anything similar can be avoided in the future.

2. Greater Security

Perhaps CCTV’s most well-known use — and most effective feature — is its success in improving security; this is true for both personal and professional premises.

Well-positioned CCTV cameras allow the user to monitor anyone entering or leaving the premises, as well as to keep a close eye on the site overnight when there may not be the usual checks or security monitoring present.

CCTV can be installed in vital areas such as those with goods or stock, hazardous locations, or areas that must be kept clear, as well as those that are less visible throughout the day. The CCTV footage can then be regularly reviewed, and any necessary checks or improvements made.

By themselves, CCTV cameras are often a strong enough deterrent to prevent any incident in the first place, but they are of great use should any further investigation be needed.

3. Peace Of Mind For Personnel

The benefits of CCTV for safety and security - such as fewer unauthorised personnel on-site, and reduced losses in stock - are highly tangible, but they can be emotional and psychological too.

Staff often report that CCTV helps to make them feel safer and more secure, and less alone when on a night shift or when working on an isolated part of the site, for example. This is because they know that another member of the team is looking out for them to monitor their safety.

This benefit of greater confidence and peace of mind is also experienced by visitors to the site, as well as any clients or customers who might attend. They can feel confident that everyone on-site is authorised to be there, and that their property will be safe from thieves.

In short, having an effective CCTV system installed will demonstrate to others that your business is legitimate, conscientious, and concerned for the safety of its staff and visitors.

4. Increased Productivity

Recent studies have shown that CCTV may lead to an increase in productivity in the workplace. This may also not be for the reason that most expect.

CCTV does not necessarily make people feel like they are being ‘watched’, and that they must therefore do a good job, but it does make them feel safer and more secure, thereby enabling them to focus on the task at hand.

CCTV can therefore be considered an investment in both your business and your personnel; it gives measurable improvements in safety and security, and can help staff to feel more focused and protected.

5. Protection Of Stock: Fewer Losses

Placing highly-visible CCTV installations in areas of your site that require the most protection - such as entry and exit points, and rooms where stock is held – will ensure your business is far less likely to experience losses due to theft or accidental misplacement, as any such issues can be easily reviewed on the video footage.

Additionally, putting CCTV cameras in full view of anyone who may enter the sensitive areas can be a powerful deterrent to theft and sabotage, thereby further helping to ensure the security of your equipment and your products.

Want to learn more about how CCTV systems can protect your business? Give us a call!


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