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Case Study: Fawley Infant School

The Brief:


After securing funding through a successful CIF application, we undertook safeguarding enhancements at Fawley Infant School to address vulnerabilities across the premises. Works included installing a total of 9 gates, featuring a mix of automated and manual mechanisms for both pedestrian and vehicular access. Additionally, comprehensive perimeter security fencing was erected to bolster the school's boundaries.


To enhance surveillance and control, we installed a 16-camera CCTV system strategically across the site, complemented by access control measures on all external entry points. Collaborating closely with the school, we redesigned the reception area to incorporate an 'Airlock' lobby, preventing unauthorised access.



Challenges Overcome

Live Site - Works were completed during term time which meant the site was live.  KCS worked closely with the school to ensure limited disruption and when needed to compete the works we we worked Out of Hours to keep disruption to the school down to a minimum.  We scheduled the works on the main entrance gates to avoid the school drop-off  and collection times.


Safety of pupils and staff- to keep the pupils and staff safe we ensured safe routes for children to always have access to and from the school and keep the work segregated using physical barriers and signage.


Working around the school timetable – There were a number of clubs and lessons using the outdoor facilities where we were working.  We worked around the school's forest club’ and other outdoor activities ensuring work happened at the other end of the playground when these took place and that heras fencing was put up for the safety of staff/students.


Bad Weather Conditions- we experienced high volume of rain/adverse weather conditions during the completion of this project which caused water from the main road to run down to the school and flood the area we were working in this delayed the works, specifically the concreting of the ground boxes. We offered a flexible approach that meant that as soon as there was a break in the bad weather staff were sent in to complete the works before the next bad spell of rain. This was managed by our onsite management team and in liaison with the school so they knew at all times what works were being completed.


Additional Works:

When in the planning stages of the works the school requested that the fencing around the playground entrance was changed from Green to Blue to match their schools colour theme. We added these works into the schedule and completed them with the installation of the gates. Children from the SEN school next door were climbing  on a pergola and using this to gain access to the Fawley infant school,  we raised the fencing in this area to block off access and prevent this from happening. 


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