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Could You Benefit From Increased Safety At Work?

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Is your workplace as safe as it could be? And how might you benefit from having improved levels of security at work, whether you are an employer or employee?

Below, we explore some of the top ways that your workplace could benefit from increased safety measures, outline what will need to be implemented, and describe what improvements you can expect as a result.

Benefit 1: Greater Productivity

One of the most commonly overlooked benefits of increased safety and security at work is the boost in productivity it will generate. Workplaces that are safe, secure, and supportive are regularly found to be more productive than their competitors. But why is this?

Experts suggest that this is because of the minimisation of distractions, and the greater sense of wellbeing at work. Feeling safe, secure, and like your employer has your best interests at heart results in workers feeling more focused and committed. They are not distracted by worries and hazards around the workplace, and also feel greater company loyalty when they are cared for.

If you are an employer, what are some of the steps you could take to make your workforce feel safer and more secure? They might include training your team in first aid, introducing state of the art security or fire safety systems, hiring specially trained security guards to protect the premises, and more.

And if you are an employee, what are some of the ways that you might feel safer at work? Are there any hazards or considerations that are distracting you and your colleagues? If so, consider raising them with your boss and work together on a solution.

Benefit 2: Protection Of Property

Safety and security is not just limited to personnel. It can also apply to the safety of your property, equipment, stock, and more.

Additionally, preventing theft, fire damage, and online fraud, for example, are all powerful ways to help ensure the safety and security of your property. This also applies to stock that customers may have purchased, the personal property and possessions of your team, as well as those of any visitors to your site who you host.

To make sure you are protecting your on-site property as best you can, invest in the best safety and security measures that you can afford, and ensure you are in full compliance with the relevant professional standards and regulations.

Benefit 3: Better Health & Wellbeing

Perhaps the clearest benefit of increased safety and security in the workplace is that it will dramatically reduce the likelihood of accidents, injuries, and emergencies. This is an essential part of keeping your team safe, your property protected, and your operations functioning smoothly.

Consider the type of safety and security training that is most appropriate for your site and your industry, and ensure that you implement it. You should also consider regularly refreshing everyone’s memory about the safety protocols you have implemented, and training your team in any updates.

Be aware too that rules and regulations on safety best practices can change all the time. Therefore, it is vital for everyone’s health and wellbeing that you are aware of any updates and always looking to implement the most effective processes. Your workplace will thrive as a result!

Benefit 4: Improved Teamwork

Better safety and security at work can also foster a greater sense of community and teamwork; this can be achieved in a variety of ways:

For example, as an employer, consider if there is additional safety and security training that could be undertaken by your staff. Particularly popular options currently include first aid training — and especially first aid training for mental health issues — as well as qualifications in data protection and cybersecurity.

For employees, is there an area of your professional development that you feel could be improved to make everyone safer? Perhaps you feel that your fire safety training needs refreshing, or that you would like more of your colleagues to be qualified in first aid, for example.

In either case, stay vigilant, consider constant improvements, and you and your team will be safer as a result.

Benefit 5: Increased Customer Confidence

Greater safety and security in your company will help to improve customer trust and loyalty. This is because the business will be seen as conscientious and legitimate — committed to providing a good experience for employees and customers alike.

Having comprehensive safety and security systems in place is even more important if you operate a business that hosts a large number of customers and clients on a regular basis – such as a retail premises, for example.

In this case, it is vital to provide a safe and welcoming environment if you are to attract the level of footfall that will sustain your business and ensure it thrives.

Whether you are an employer, an employee, or a combination of the two, your workplace will benefit from having a positive and proactive approach to ensuring safety!


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